Submission: Against AfD – students of the HfBK Dresden occupy their library

Foto: Alternative Dresden News

Since 10 am students of the University of Fine Arts (HfBK) have been occupying their library. The occupation is in protest against the right-wing opinions of Barbara Lenk, head of the library and AfD list candidate. She had herself placed on the AfD list for the local elections in Meissen as a non-party candidate. Continue reading “Submission: Against AfD – students of the HfBK Dresden occupy their library”

Pictures from Anarchist 1st of May

Yesterday, a small anarchist demonstration gathered at Schlossplatz and moved with several speeches across Augustusbrücke, Albertplatz to Alaunpark. Afterwards there was a picnic in the park with readings and information booths. We would like to thank the Anarchist Network Dresden (AND) for the organisation, as well as all those who took action against the NPD march and the AfD festival at Neumarkt at the same time. Here are some pictures of the demonstration and festival of the AND.

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Demo on 6th of April: Stop Dresden’s Rent Madness!

6th of April | 2 pm | Postplatz Dresden | Website of the Alliance “Stop Dresden’s Rent Madness!”

As in many large cities, rents in Dresden are rising rapidly. Many people can hardly afford their flat anymore. Others have to move to cheaper neighbourhoods. They are driven out of their environment so that a few can make high profits with their properties. While wages have remained at the same level for years, the share of rent in the monthly costs is increasing. If the rent is only just affordable, it becomes a burden that threatens the existence of the company when small cuts are made. Continue reading “Demo on 6th of April: Stop Dresden’s Rent Madness!”

20.3.: Alternative Pupils’ Networking + Talk Theory of Trade Union Anarchism

Alternative Students’ Network | 16-18pm | PlatzDa! | Wernerstraße 21 | Dresden-Löbtau

Talk Theory of Trade Union Anarchism | 6 pm | Betriebsküche | Berliner Straße 63a | Dresden Friedrichstadt

On Wednesday, after the regular student counselling, we want to give a lecture on the theses, ideas and experiences of trade union anarchism, point out areas of potential conflict and demarcation from other theories and get into conversation with each other.

Lecture + discussion: After FemStrike is before FemStrike! Organize transnationally!

15th of March | 18:30 | Neighbourhood Café PlatzDa! | Wernerstraße 21 | Dresden-Löbtau

If we can stand up for our rights with strikes or school and university boycotts also depends on if we have support during the consequences. On this evening we want to introduce the trade union federation Free Workers’ Union (FAU) and its international confederation ICL. FAU and ICL are decidedly grassroots democratic, anti-capitalist and feminist. In this way they are make labour struggles and social perspectives possible that would be unthinkable in other German unions. At the same time the members help each other in solidarity: If the pension is too low, in conflicts with the job centre or the landlord, with health problems, housework, and repression. FAU and ICL participated internationally in the FemStrike with legal protection, strike pay and actions. We would like to briefly introduce the relevant structures and situations in the various countries (Canada, USA, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany) and look forward to hearing from you! We don’t want you to have to discuss while you’re hungry, so we’d like to invite you to our buffet.

Call: On March 15th to “Fridays For Future”!

Dresden | 12-16 o’clock | start at St. Benno Gymnasium

For months, thousands of students all over the world have been skipping school lessons every Friday to protest that environmental issues are not changing and that the current policies are destroying the livelihoods of future generations. We want to call on all libertarian, left-wing and syndicalist students and pupils to actively support this school strike and to be on the street on March 15th, which is an important date in the current wave of strikes. Continue reading “Call: On March 15th to “Fridays For Future”!”

Civil Service Striking – Information for Members and Unorganized Workers

Currently the unions of DGB are negotiating tariff contracts of the civil service. From thursday onward DGB calls for strike.

FAU Dresden participates in the strike, as other syndicates do. Members qualify for strike pay if the participate in the demonstrations. Please ask the syndicate for numbers.

The first demonstration is on 14th of February in front of the ministry of finance. There will be a small group of FAU members. Please bring your flags and wests. Unorganized workers can participate too, please inform yourself about the legal situation via e-mail to our syndicate.

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