This is how we organize:

General Meetings (Vollversammlung/VV)

The main part of decision-making happens during monthly main meetings. At main meetings, we talk about membership or financial applications, workgroups and branches, advertisement and campaigns. We usually decide consensually.

Branches and Company Syndicates

Branch groups and company syndicate are vital to a base union. They act autonomous, based on FAU’s principles, plan branch campaigns, write PR material and regularly report to the main meetings.


For some tasks we have mandates which are given to members for a fixed period of time. Such we ensure reliable task fulfillment and guarantee equal knowledge distribution for less hierarchic organization. All mandates are bound to their tasks and guidelines which are decided at the General Meeting. They can be held accountable for their actions and can be unelected by the General meeting if they abuse their power.
We have a communications mandate for processing enquiries and inviting to meetings, a cashier mandate, web mandate, membership administration mandate and a mandate for mutual social aid.


Workgroups can be founded during General Meetings (VV) to handle a case of industrial action, campaigns or similar. The VV decides on the autonomy of the workgroup. All workgroups can be held accountable by the VV.

IT Structure

For education, discussion or agreements between meetings we use a well-established IT structure.