Union Counselling

Our union counselling takes place every four weeks on Tuesdays. You can find the current dates with the location of the consultation HERE under “Gewerkschaftliche Beratung // Union Counselling”.


What ist union counselling?

Do you have stress at work or with the authorities, problems at school, trouble with landlords, the job center or other institutions? You are not alone. We take you seriously with what you have experienced or are experiencing. We are a working group of the FAU that functions according to the principle of mutual aid. In the union, we help each other against the malices of this world and don’t want to leave anyone (including you) alone. In counseling, we try to work with you to develop scope for action and possible responses. It is important to us to give you back your ability to act: You decide what happens. This is also a requirement of our discrimination-sensitive approach.

This is important to us for the counseling

During our consultations, we have gained experience and theoretical knowledge, and we are always learning more, for example about labor rights, company organization, labor disputes, rights vis-à-vis authorities, or social and economic assistance. Nevertheless, we are volunteers and not service providers or highly professionalized experts. If we do not know or are not allowed to do anything (e.g. legal advice), we have contacts to solidary lawyers or special consultations.

Counseling in case of discrimination

​​​​​​​We also counsel you if you have experienced discrimination, e.g. because of your gender, sexual orientation, social background and position, age, origin, skin color, hair, name, worldview or religion, appearance, physical and/or mental impairment, residence permit, or language. You may also be affected by more than one of these discriminations. It is also discrimination if others simply accept such “characteristics”, even if they have nothing to do with you.

Discrimination can take many different forms, e.g. verbal harassment (derogatory remarks, pick-up lines, etc.), bullying, using the wrong name and/or pronoun (misgendering), insults, not being taken seriously, physical assaults, sexual assaults, being fired or not hired at all, having to perform better than others, not getting an apartment, lack of accessibility, exclusion from places and access to resources, not being allowed to have a say and a say, not being thought about….

Even though you may still be unsure if your experience is really related to discrimination, contact us and we’ll find out together! Feel free to contact us even if you are unsure whether we are the right contact persons for you. If necessary, we can also recommend other counseling structures.


If you want to come for a consultation, please write us a short mail to faudd-beko[at]list.fau.org. It would be great if you already mention the topic or problem you want to discuss. Also, feel free to write us what else is important to you for the consultation. In urgent cases (e.g. deadlines, social emergencies) you can also call us from 11am to 7pm at +49 159 051 89 548.

Let’s back up each other!