Antifascist activism

FAU on demonstration against right-wing-movement PEGIDA

Where neo-Nazis and other right-wing tendencies are strong, anarchist trade union work and even private everyday life become difficult or even impossible. For many people, antifascist work is therefore often the more pressing problem than the economic difficulties they face.

Antifascist work is carried out in the FAU Dresden by no individual AG, but the different branch AGs, social organizations and individual trade union members are active antifascist in their range. Many members participate for years in the nearly weekly protests against Pegida, pursue anti-fascist information and educational work or engage themselves in anti-fascist alliances. If you want to start anti-fascist projects in the FAU Dresden you will find in any case occasions and companions.

Syndicalist Antifascism

We are united by the ambition not to simply fall into traditional, ritualized action concepts, but to critically examine antifascist work for its actual effectiveness and, if necessary, to break new ground. In this sense the FAU Dresden expressed its criticism several times about protests in which it had taken part itself.

We think that other standards of our social acting should not be sacrificed for anti-fascism. We must neither, despite the necessity to protect ourselves and others militantly, derive from it a fetish of violence, nor must we tolerate from this necessity other forms of oppression such as sexism, hostility to the disabled, class and age discrimination or authoritarian concepts of socialism.

Antifascism has mostly proven to be socially viable if it is based on solidary and authentic everyday experiences and alliances of the underprivileged. In addition to the defensive struggle against fascisation, the struggle for a better future beyond the capitalist dreariness should also shine through. Historical examples include the defense against the Kapp Putsch, which led to the Ruhr Revolution, and the Francoist Putsch, which became the kick-off for the Spanish Revolution. Today we experience similar dynamics in the struggle of grassroots unions, the feminist and Black Lives Matters movements in the USA, or in the struggle of the communalist movement in Northern Syria.