22.9.: Bicycle rally ‘tour de classe’ in solidarity with struggling seamstresses in Bangladesh

22nd September | 5 pm | ‘Lidl’ at the Neustadt train station | afterwards lecture on climate change and capitalism at the Kreuzkirche

The ally grassroots union Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) in Bangladesh has been fighting for years for better conditions at the textile company Dragon Sweater. In the Corona crisis 6000 workers, mainly union members, were dismissed, thousands are waiting for unpaid wages. The FAU and other grassroots unions already started a month of action, now we continue the actions in Dresden and visit the profiteers Lidl and New Yorker with a bicycle rally. Continue reading “22.9.: Bicycle rally ‘tour de classe’ in solidarity with struggling seamstresses in Bangladesh”

Repression against squatters: Acquittal & next trial date 24.9.

In the trials following the squatting of the empty buildings of the Putzi factory, FAU member Steff was acquitted on September 15. FAU Dresden was present with a rally.

On September 24th at 1 pm the next hearing against the squatter “Zebra” will take place at the district court of Dresden (Roßbachstr. 8). We continue our call for solidarity and donations to help cover the costs of the trial.

It’s worth fighting back! Over 3100,- won in conflict with TagZwei

In the conflict with the TagZwei bakery, after a rally and information campaigns among minijobbers in the Neustadt, we have now moved the owner J. Zscheile to give in. At the conciliation hearing before the III. chamber of the Dresden labor court on Friday he agreed to a settlement in our sense: The dismissed colleague receives 3100,- € severance pay and back pay, the termination without notice was converted into a regular termination, the colleague receives a benevolent job reference.

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Labor conflict in TagZwei bakery: Keeping standards – Against working conditions from the day before yesterday

We are currently in a labor dispute with the boss of the TagZwei bakery on Kamenzer Straße. The company sells baked goods from other bakeries from the previous day to counteract the waste of food. Actually a nice concept. Unfortunately, the boss’s views on labor law are also from yesterday. The FAU Dresden demands the payment of unpaid wages, the payment of vacation pay and the withdrawal of an illegal dismissal for an employee. We advise customers to consider whether they really want to visit the bakery during the labor dispute and ask for active participation in the protest rally on July 24th at 3 pm on Kamenzer Straße 42b (in front of the store). We are also pleased about the solidary accompaniment of the conciliation hearing on July 31 at 10:45 a.m. at the labor court in Dresden, Hans-Oster-Straße 4.

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Because we cannot say it enough: Don’t let them fool you!

Some things we simply have to repeat over and over again like a prayer wheel: There are basic labor rights – and they also apply to mini-jobs.
During our trade union consultations we hear stories of outrageous working conditions or absurd employment contract clauses again and again. Just because your boss claims something doesn’t mean it’s true. Continue reading “Because we cannot say it enough: Don’t let them fool you!”

Occupy and revive empty houses, not punish squatters: Solidarity in the Putzi trial

In the Corona crisis, more and more people cannot pay their rent. Those who had to live on the street before Corona, or those who cannot feel safe in their apartment, were confronted with the cynical demand to stay at home to protect themselves and others. Actually, at the latest this should open the eyes to how absurdly the housing question is answered by a capitalist economy. Hotels, vacation apartments, Airbnb apartments and houses are empty, while refugees have to live crammed together in camps and shelters, others unprotected on the streets. Rooms for various cultural activities are also often lacking, but there is still room for a parking garage somehow.
Now there are some people, also called “animals”, who draw the conclusion from all these absurdities to move into empty and unused houses, to inhabit and revive them. This happened for example in January of this year in the “Putzi” in the Königsbrücker Straße. Many liked it, but not everyone. After four days the police cleared the buildings. In the consequence some participants received penalty orders because of trespass and common damage to property. There are also threats of heavy fines. Members of FAU Dresden are also affected. Continue reading “Occupy and revive empty houses, not punish squatters: Solidarity in the Putzi trial”

Update: Corona: labour law, neighbourhood solidarity, other helpful informations

+++ Multilingual Informations you can find by the Refugee Council in Dresden +++

Will be updated continuously, last update: April 2, 1 pm

Contents: 1. labour law & Corona | 2. counselling and services of FAU Dresden during Corona | 3. overview of neighbourhood help in Dresden | 4. overview of help funds for employees & solo self-employed persons | 5. counselling numbers and help centres (including domestic violence)

Labour law and corona, sick out

On the website of the Federal FAU you will find current collections of regulations concerning labour law, law for self-employed persons and much more. At the moment, due to the dynamic situation, some things are still a little unsorted or doubled – this will certainly get better in the next few days. If questions remain unanswered, please feel free to ask us, we will look for an answer and take the questions with us.

From 9 March onwards, the following rule applies for 4 weeks: “Patients with slight diseases of the upper respiratory tract can get a certificate of incapacity to work for a maximum of seven days after consulting their doctor by telephone”. If you have to be in quarantine on a self-employed basis, you will be supported by the Infection Protection Act. Please ask us for details in your situation! Continue reading “Update: Corona: labour law, neighbourhood solidarity, other helpful informations”

It’s 8th March again – time to strike and protest!

As in the years before we actively participate in the actions and protest on the occasion of 8th March.

Together with the feminist and women’s strike network Dresden we organize three readings in the next weeks:

– 11th February 2020, 6 p.m. @ Neustadt quarter library: Women in the November Revolution. Continuing neglect. Reading, speech and discussion with Dania Alasti
– 20th February 2020, 7 p.m. @ Motorenhalle (Wachsbleichstraße 4a): Relation(ship)s and Revolution. 1917, 1968 and the ones to come. Reading and discussion with Bini Adamczak
– 27th February 2020, 7 p.m. @ Projekttheater (Louisenstraße 47): Fuck up + unwork = strike? Reading and discussion with Luise Meyer (MRX Maschine)

Whisper translation into English will be provided.

Meet us at our info-point!

On 6th March the pupil’s union Black Rose will take to the streets with their strike mobile.

On 7th of March ABC Dresden is mobilizing to demonstrate to the women’s prison Chemnitz, which we participate in.

On 8th March we will take part in the strike breakfast at the art’s academy (HfbK) and would like to discuss together with you how to strike effectively in the labour sphere as well as in the reproductive sphere.

That’s only a small part of all the events to come. More detailed information you’ll find on the feminist and women’s strike network’s website and in the following weeks on our site.

You want to strike but don’t know how?
Information about your rights you can find in our brochure on strike legislation (unfortunately only available in German) or visit our next support meetings, on 18th February and 3rd March, from 6 to 8 p.m., in the syndicate’s office in the rear building of the housing project Mangelwirtschaft, Overbeckstraße 26.

BNG organizes rally against pseudo self-employment at gastronomy in Dresden Neustadt

Ahead of an info-event on illegal employment practices in Dresden’s gastronomy sector, the Grassroots Union Food and Gastromy (BNG), section of the Free Workers Union (FAU), today visited the Café V-Cake on the Rothenburger Straße Dresden. The union accuses the company of undermining labour rights through pseudo self-employment. Continue reading “BNG organizes rally against pseudo self-employment at gastronomy in Dresden Neustadt”

16 Oct.: Union Tour – Lecture with textile workers from Indonesia

Dian from the feminist trade union Inter-Factory Workers’ Federation (FBLP), which has its focus especially in Jakarta (Indonesia), and Chamila of the Dabindu Collective (Sri Lanka) will provide input. It will deal with the current working and living conditions of seamstresses and Gender-Based-Violence (GBV), but also with the current labour struggles.

Afterwards we want to exchange ideas and talk about what we can do here to support the struggles of the seamstresses.

Input will be given in English.

The Input will take place in AZ Conni, Rudolf-Leonhardt-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden and will start at 8 p.m.

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