FLINK – 11 minutes and you are out?

FLINK does not change its business practices, but fortunately experiences resistance more and more often. On April 19th 2023 we accompanied S., a FLINK worker, in solidarity at his conciliation hearing at the labor court in Dresden. Because no one has to be alone when everyone stands together. We got to know S. in our union counseling where we talked about his termination without notice by FLINK. Once again, FLINK terminated a contract without notice and without giving any reasons. The reasons only became known at the court hearing and are, to say the least, outrageous.

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Connecting Feminist Strikes

FAU picket from 11:30 am, König*innenufer (Filmnächte)

call of the FAU Dresden

The F*Strike Network Dresden invites on March 8 under the motto “International and in solidarity against patriarchy” to a rally (13-16 clock) and subsequent demonstration (beginning 16 clock) on the König*innenufer. Ver.di also calls for warning strikes in the context of collective bargaining in the civil service and organizes a “Women’s Day Demonstration”, which will hold an intermediate rally at König*innenufer around 12 pm.

We as FAU Dresden will join the different strikes and welcome the Women’s Day and warning strike demonstration on the banks of the Elbe – because: as union members and feminists they affect us! We show our solidarity with the demands of the collective bargaining process, which go beyond the collective bargaining agreement and thus tie in with feminist strike movements, such as the revaluation of work with a female connotation.

Moreover, we want everything to be completely different! Our wishes go far beyond these demands and are oriented towards the feminist utopia of a society free of domination. We think: a good way to get there are feminist strike movements, which have been growing internationally and getting louder for several years. We are working to become politically capable of striking as well, by linking the different strikes together. If we are many, we make it possible not only to defend the existing right to strike, but even to expand it. When we refuse our work (wage work, unpaid care work, domestic work, …), we have the power to make a difference. Why are you striking on March 8? What would you like to change? See you on 8M, we look forward to nice FLINTA* strike talks with you!

11:30 am at the König*innenufer (Filmnächte)

    • FAU picket (all sectors, unemployed, pupils, trainees, students, pensioners, …, all gender) and brunch
    • Welcome of the strikers in the public service, who come with the ver.di demo

from 13 o’clock rally “International and in solidarity against patriarchy” of F*Streik-Network Dresden
from 16 o’clock demo of F*Streik-Network

Short news: Dismissed trade unionist wins against Flink!

In the case trial against Flink, a dismissed trade unionist was able to assert claims and severance pay worth over 5000€ with the help of FAU. Already last year we had won a lawsuit against the delivery service and also now we suspect that we have not seen each other for the last time in court.

Of course, we prefer the offensive work in the company much more than such lawsuits. Therefore, workers in the delivery service industry, unite, form workers’ groups, organize union protection, educate yourselves, fight and win! Such processes but also organizing cost power and money: If you want to support us, yourself and your colleagues, become a member!

Quick overview: collective wage agreement rounds, climate strike, fem*strike, reduction of working hours

There is quite a lot going on on the streets in the next few days! To keep the overview here again briefly the meeting points:

  • 3.3. climate strike demo at 1:30 pm at Neumarkt Dresden, meeting FAU members at the south end (near small Kirchgasse). Demo will again end on site.
  • 4.3. feminist demo to JVA-Chemnitz, departure bus/train Dresden Hbf, bus stop Strehlener Straße: 1:36 pm
  • 7.3. discussion about reduction of working hours to 4h, 7pm at Kaffee Konkurs
  • 8.3. ver.di demo: 11am at Postplatz, 11:30am König:innenufer FAU info stand, 4pm radical demo at the same place

On the current collective wage rounds: If a union in your company calls a strike and you are not assigned to emergency service, you are also allowed to strike, even if you do not belong to a union or belong to another union. As a general rule, FAU members receive strike pay in the current collective bargaining rounds; contact AG BeKo.

March 4, 2023: Anarchist Feminist Anti-prison Rally

Also this year we invite you to come with us to Chemnitz and show your solidarity to the prisoners in the Chemnitz Women’s Prison. The rally will start on March 4, 2023 at 4 p.m. at Thalheimer Straße 29, directly in front of the prison.

A few days later, on March 8, the feminist day of struggle, it will not remain quiet in Dresden. We will keep you up to date!

Hard Facts:

What: Anarchist Feminist Anti-prison Rally.
When: 04.03.2023, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: JVA Chemnitz, Thalheimer Straße 29, 09125 Chemnitz

There will be a collective train travel from Dresden and Leipzig to Chemnitz. More information will follow later. Bring your friends and flags and banners to the rally!

Call for rally in front of Chemnitz Women’s Prison by the anarchist feminist anti-prison alliance – March 4, 2023, 4:00 p.m.

Like quitting, only shittier. FLINK strikes again

It was foreseeable that the termination in which we supported our member Prince in November 2022 would not be the last. Once again, a FAU member is taking FLINK to court.

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 at 1 p.m. we will meet at the labor court in Dresden (Hans-Oster-Straße 4) to support our member Agya and we kindly invite you to join us.

Agya started as a rider at FLINK in 2021. He also knows about the grievances that we already wrote about. You can find his statement here.

After his vacation, Agya came to the union counseling with a letter which at first looked like an excerpt of the terms and conditions or a contract amendment.

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The Tears of an Employee Imprisoned by the Fear of an Employer

Bob Nelson once said, “Employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his/her manager (employer)”.

An employee always goes through emotional traumas at a workplace where management only places organizational emphasis on making profit at the expense of their employee’s wellbeing – safety, happiness, etc.

I can say without the fear of contradictions that the aforementioned picture is vividly painted on the walls of the Flink Expansion 31 GmbH, Germany. As a rider for Flink for over one and a half years on a part time contract as a student, my safety was nearly overlooked always by management. From poor working gears (especially during the extreme weather conditions such as the snowy winter seasons) through poor communication feedbacks from management when employee sort for clarification/work assistance.

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We would like to draw your attention to a fine little fundraising campaign. At the end of January, the Soli-Truck from Bonn will drive warming things to the Ukraine to people affected by the war, who urgently need them. We support this action and collect donations, which are then invited on the way. Join us and support this!

Many warm things are needed and can be delivered to the Umsonstladen Löbtau (Emil-Überall-Straße 6, 01159 DD) at the following times:

Friday, 13.01.2023, 14-19 hrs.
Monday, 16.01.2023, 15-18 o’clock
Thursday, 19.01.2023, 13-16 o’clock
Sunday, 22.01.2023, 16-19 o’clock

Here is a detailed list of what is needed:
– Generators
– Charging stations
– Very warm sleeping bags (from -10 degrees)
– Well insulated sleeping pads
– blankets
– Thermal underwear
– Thermal socks
– Motorcycle gloves, thermal gloves
– Hot water bottles
– gas stoves
– Thermos flasks (large and small)
– thermos cups
– Powerbanks with high charging capacity
– flashlights
– Candles (new)
– Shopping trolleys

Or donate directly here:

(In the crowdfunding you can also find more information about the campaign)

Like working, only shittier. Lawsuit against delivery service “Flink” after termination without notice

(german translation)

Currently we are in a labor struggle with the delivery service Flink. One of our members recently received a termination without notice, against which we have now filed a lawsuit before the labor court. The dismissal was unlawful, no reasons were given. We are demanding all pay slips that were never handed over to the colleague, as well as the settlement of outstanding vacation entitlements and any outstanding wage payments, and a proper employer’s reference. We are only suing for one case here, but we also want to support all drivers to defend themselves in all ways against the lousy working conditions at Flink.

The company, which was only founded in 2020, is currently the largest third-party delivery service in Europe. The principle: bicycle couriers deliver everyday items directly to consumers – according to the advertising, within 10 minutes. “Like shopping, only easier”. Also in Dresden there have been 4 branches or warehouses of Flink so far, called “Hubs”. We keep hearing about massive violations of workers’ rights. For some, the whole thing reminds them of a similar company, “Gorillas”, which made the headlines because of wildcat strikes of riders due to untenable working conditions. Continue reading “Like working, only shittier. Lawsuit against delivery service “Flink” after termination without notice”