12 Oct.: Trade union informs about false self-employment

Do something about the pressure to be self-employed in the gastro.

12 Oct. | 18:00 | Kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Straße 13 | Dresden-Neustadt

Waiters, selling in the snack stall, delivering parcels, working on the construction site or cleaning. More and more jobs are being filled by colleagues with a trade or business licence. Usually not voluntarily, in many places no job is to be got otherwise at all. We explain why this practice not only restricts our health and safety at work, our wages and our labour rights, but also why we may even make ourselves liable to prosecution and how we can get into regular employment. The event consists of an input from our food and catering section, then we open the space for concrete examples/your cases and discuss strategies to defend yourself as an employee. There will also be a bring along buffet for the stomach. So that everyone can speak freely, bosses are not welcome, we make use of the house rules.

This event will be mostly in german, but live translation is possible.

Anarchist Days (Libertäre Tage) 2019 to start next week

The Dresden Anarchist Network (AND) will once again be hosting the Anarchist Days (Libertäre Tage) from 15 to 22 September. This is a series of events in which a wide variety of topics related to anarchism will be discussed. Our syndicate will be represented this year by the Youth Section Black Rose (Schwarze Rose). On Wednesday, 18 September, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., there will be the Alternative Pupils’ Networking, where we will talk about the Global Climate Strike, paint banners and signs, but also provide material for our own production of buttons and patches. Afterwards there will be a lecture about the social function of school from 7 p.m. on. Both events will take place at PlatzDa! (Wernerstr. 21). You can find the complete program, containing lectures and events in german and english, on the AND website.

Call for members of the Dresden General Syndicate to the Global Climate Strike

For one year now, thousands of children and young people in many countries have been boycotting the school every Friday in protest against the destruction of the livelihood of future generations. For September 20, 2019, Fridays for Future and various associations are now also calling for a climate strike, which the DGB (German Trade Union Confederation, hirarchical) itself is supporting. But with one significant restriction: Since political strikes are forbidden in Germany, the DGB explicitly excludes a call for strikes. Instead, it calls on workers who “show solidarity with Fridays for Future and take part in demonstrations” to “respect existing labour law and take time off for this period”. The “climate strike” appeal itself also calls for “taking time off” to ‘strike’, “reducing overtime”, “requesting unpaid special leave” or asking employers to support the ‘strike’, as it would be good for the company’s image to “declare their support for the climate strike”. In addition, ‘strikers’ are supposed to promise ‘to prepare for tasks that cannot be postponed and to make up for missed work soon’ and ‘to be more motivated at work again on Monday’. Continue reading “Call for members of the Dresden General Syndicate to the Global Climate Strike”

FAU Dresden wins 2000 € compensation for a member

Not just swallowing a dismissal can be worth it. Thus the general syndicate Dresden supported one of its members that resisted against a dismissal before court. The colleague was awarded 2000 € severance pay. It was shown to the company that it can be quite expensive to put one’s employees in front of the door without a sound.

The member was employed by a temporary employment agency in the field of education and social affairs. Contrary to the precarious reputation of this industry, the company promoted collegial interaction with the employees, a family atmosphere and so on.

One could talk about anything and the needs of the employees were taken into consideration. The FAU member had to experience for themselves that this collegiality is quickly over as soon as one does not function as desired by the company management. After a long period of illness, they were dismissed without giving reasons. In doing so, no requirements of protection against dismissal were met and the dismissal was therefore invalid. Continue reading “FAU Dresden wins 2000 € compensation for a member”

Our first year as a pupils union

School year review 2018/19

Last year, after the summer holidays, we came together as anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist youth and critical pupils to form a group. This was preceded by the open meeting of the education sector, which has been taking place since November 2017, the monthly Alternative Pupil Networking since February 2018, the Critical Education Alliance with a series of lectures and an education strike in June 2018. These were all meetings at which we discussed and planned, organised and learned.

Continue reading “Our first year as a pupils union”

Submission: Against AfD – students of the HfBK Dresden occupy their library

Foto: Alternative Dresden News

Since 10 am students of the University of Fine Arts (HfBK) have been occupying their library. The occupation is in protest against the right-wing opinions of Barbara Lenk, head of the library and AfD list candidate. She had herself placed on the AfD list for the local elections in Meissen as a non-party candidate. Continue reading “Submission: Against AfD – students of the HfBK Dresden occupy their library”

Pictures from Anarchist 1st of May

Yesterday, a small anarchist demonstration gathered at Schlossplatz and moved with several speeches across Augustusbrücke, Albertplatz to Alaunpark. Afterwards there was a picnic in the park with readings and information booths. We would like to thank the Anarchist Network Dresden (AND) for the organisation, as well as all those who took action against the NPD march and the AfD festival at Neumarkt at the same time. Here are some pictures of the demonstration and festival of the AND.

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Demo on 6th of April: Stop Dresden’s Rent Madness!

6th of April | 2 pm | Postplatz Dresden | Website of the Alliance “Stop Dresden’s Rent Madness!”

As in many large cities, rents in Dresden are rising rapidly. Many people can hardly afford their flat anymore. Others have to move to cheaper neighbourhoods. They are driven out of their environment so that a few can make high profits with their properties. While wages have remained at the same level for years, the share of rent in the monthly costs is increasing. If the rent is only just affordable, it becomes a burden that threatens the existence of the company when small cuts are made. Continue reading “Demo on 6th of April: Stop Dresden’s Rent Madness!”

20.3.: Alternative Pupils’ Networking + Talk Theory of Trade Union Anarchism

Alternative Students’ Network | 16-18pm | PlatzDa! | Wernerstraße 21 | Dresden-Löbtau

Talk Theory of Trade Union Anarchism | 6 pm | Betriebsküche | Berliner Straße 63a | Dresden Friedrichstadt

On Wednesday, after the regular student counselling, we want to give a lecture on the theses, ideas and experiences of trade union anarchism, point out areas of potential conflict and demarcation from other theories and get into conversation with each other.