It’s worth fighting back! Over 3100,- won in conflict with TagZwei

In the conflict with the TagZwei bakery, after a rally and information campaigns among minijobbers in the Neustadt, we have now moved the owner J. Zscheile to give in. At the conciliation hearing before the III. chamber of the Dresden labor court on Friday he agreed to a settlement in our sense: The dismissed colleague receives 3100,- € severance pay and back pay, the termination without notice was converted into a regular termination, the colleague receives a benevolent job reference.

This case shows once again that it is worthwhile to fight back – and not only (but also!) to defend one’s own dignity, but also financially. Zscheile stated that among other things the rally, the information campaign and the subsequent lack of customers were decisive for his will to reach agreement. Economic pressure remains our strongest weapon, both in the companies and in political questions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents who showed solidarity and preferred to buy their bread elsewhere. What unfortunately has not yet been resolved is the withholding of vacation pay for the remaining employees; it is therefore possible that the labor conflict will break out again sooner or later. Should Zscheile come to his senses and have learned something from this, we will inform you here on the website. So you can continue to make your purchase decision dependent on the compliance with legal standards. However, it would also be interesting to find out if other bakeries have similar problems – it doesn’t hurt to ask if the employee actually gets vacation pay.

We are happy about other colleagues who find the courage to become members and fight with us. Until then or always: document your working hours well, settle conflicts within the staff whenever possible, without the boss, stick together, come to us at the latest when you are dismissed. The sooner you organize in unions, the better you know about your rights and union opportunities, and the better you can help yourself and others in case of conflict.