Mayday 2024

We work. Day after day, year after year. Whether at home, at work, at university or in training. But for us, it’s not just work, it’s always a struggle. We fight for better wages, fight against patriarchal conditions in reproductive and care work, fight for socially just and self-determined education, fight in a state that is becoming more and more authoritarian and repressive and is moving ever further to the right. Fighting because we have nothing else left!
The time has come again. Just like last year, we want to take to the streets with you again this year. A lot has changed since then. And somehow it’s still the same shit. Authoritarianism is still on the rise in 2024. In Russia, Argentina, even in the Dresden city council. Everything is getting worse and worse and yet somehow it’s already normality.  
At the same time, we are finally experiencing effective strikes and media-visible struggles. And this despite the fact that great efforts are being made to de-legitimize this struggle in front of the population. The reaction to the GDL strikes is an example of an attempt to prevent solidarity-based organizing in everyday working life. Another example where we see ignorance of humane working conditions is the Tesla plant in Brandenburg, which is located in the immediate vicinity. In addition to catastrophic working conditions, unsuccessful attempts were made to prevent the election of a works council. What fortunately did not succeed here, unfortunately succeeds far too often, especially internationally, in countries where many have to work in inhumane working conditions.
We must not forget the multiple exploitation of many women, trans*, inter and non-binary people through the social attribution of reproductive and care work and the power relations in patriarchy. The jobs that are actually the biggest and most important in this society are shit or not paid at all. You can see that more people are committing to feminism, but this does not result in action. 
But we need action! We need revolutionary feminism, not bourgeois feminism!
It was nice to see how many of us were at the Feminist Day of Struggle on March 8th, the school strike, the rally and the final demonstration gave us strength. We have to use this because at the same time anti-feminist and anti-trans* movements are gaining strength, which are part of the right-wing culture war and reach far into bourgeois circles. Home is one of the central venues for this. Let’s unite to fight these movements, but also the social power relations in this system! Let’s shape our coexistence in a self-determined and just way and overcome capitalism and patriarchy! 
We need social resistance! To build this, we need to organize ourselves. So join us on the streets on Mayday to exchange ideas, network and give your struggle expression and visibility. 
This year, too, there will be a demonstration with a final rally where we can talk in a relaxing atmosphere between speeches, readings and treats.
Out for Mayday: Who if not us? When if not now? 

Anarchist 1. May demo starting at Dippoldiswalder Platz at 12:30
rally with stands, workshops and speeches at Artesischer Brunnen at 14:00
opening of the labour union meetingplace of FAU Dresden in Bürgerstraße 52 at 19:00