Pictures of the 8th of March

Here you can find a short summary and many pictures from the past days. After the F*Strike is before the F*Strike! Stay tuned about upcoming events.

Thank you to all of the great people who made this happen in the past weeks!

During Preparation

During preparation of the F*Strike there were many actions, talks in companies and media actions. Many people contributed by sending their reason for striking to the website. Together with other groups, FAU Dresden initiated the F*Strike Network, we participated in international and national debate, distributed the strike newspaper “Direct Action” and wrote a brochure about striking law in Germany, especially adapted for the F*Strike.

During the night …

During the night from 7th to 8th of march many famous landmarks of Dresden – and of course of the patriarchy – got an apron. Banners were prepared and we cooked food. Mostly men from the “kitchen for all”-group Black Wok and FAU Dresden prepared the food.

School strike

From 6 in the morning the students’ union “Black Rose” (FAU) organized a small school strike. They started with few participants and moved from school to school until the demonstration had grown. Sometimes teachers tried to prevent students from participating. On the demonstration different aspects of patriarchal inequality were talked about, condoms were distributed and day-to-day experiences of students were collected. Politicians of AfD and Freie Wähler started a shitstorm on Facebook afterwards.

Strike Cafés and Strike Celebrations

Parallely to the school strike people met at six different strike cafés throughout the city. Some were quite packed. There were exhibitions, discussions, films, photo shootings and good food. At 2pm everybody arrived at the strike celebration on Postplatz. Even though it was windy and rainy around 400 people participated. There were workshops, for example on self defence and street art, speeches, the patriarchy was buried, a concert, food, childcare, and info booths. Of course more aprons were added to statues and an art installation indicated the perils of a right-wing, antifeminist backlash. Around 5pm people screamed collectively to free themselves from the anger about inequality. At different places around the city the celebrations went on.

9th of March Demonstration of the Prisoners’ Union to the Women’s Prison

From the university campus a demonstration by the prisoners’ union GG/BO, accompanied by members of the Anarchist Black Cross, FAU syndicates and other groups moved to the women’s prison to draw attention to the interconnection of capitalism, patriarchy and the prison system. The demonstration took place for the third time. Post cards were written prisoners, a firework was displayed, a Mexican wave was made with the banners and a choreography with flags was held. There were many speeches and greetings from other prisons.