Lecture + discussion: After FemStrike is before FemStrike! Organize transnationally!

15th of March | 18:30 | Neighbourhood Café PlatzDa! | Wernerstraße 21 | Dresden-Löbtau

If we can stand up for our rights with strikes or school and university boycotts also depends on if we have support during the consequences. On this evening we want to introduce the trade union federation Free Workers’ Union (FAU) and its international confederation ICL. FAU and ICL are decidedly grassroots democratic, anti-capitalist and feminist. In this way they are make labour struggles and social perspectives possible that would be unthinkable in other German unions. At the same time the members help each other in solidarity: If the pension is too low, in conflicts with the job centre or the landlord, with health problems, housework, and repression. FAU and ICL participated internationally in the FemStrike with legal protection, strike pay and actions. We would like to briefly introduce the relevant structures and situations in the various countries (Canada, USA, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany) and look forward to hearing from you! We don’t want you to have to discuss while you’re hungry, so we’d like to invite you to our buffet.