Call: On March 15th to “Fridays For Future”!

Dresden | 12-16 o’clock | start at St. Benno Gymnasium

For months, thousands of students all over the world have been skipping school lessons every Friday to protest that environmental issues are not changing and that the current policies are destroying the livelihoods of future generations. We want to call on all libertarian, left-wing and syndicalist students and pupils to actively support this school strike and to be on the street on March 15th, which is an important date in the current wave of strikes.

Let us explain why this is important:

We are taking a step forward by refusing to be educated for a future we might not have. We no longer ask for changes. We are tired of talking. Our voice has not been heard in the past and will not be heard in the future. Our society does not, to the best of our knowledge and belief, strive for a good future for all of us. Instead of grass-roots democratic processes and a constructive culture of debate, we let the market become the direction setter for developments. Instead of making the well-being of people and the ecological necessities the focus of our trade, only profit decides whether a course of action, a technology or even a political system prevails or not. In a world that abides to such cruel rules, strike is our last resort. We refuse to allow things to go on like this forever. We refuse to let deforestation, CO_2 production, and the throw-away-culture go on. We are taught at school how to be the workers and consumers of tomorrow. Without us there is no profit!
If those who currently benefit from this madness plan to leave us an inhabitable planet, we have to start a mass movement that leaves them the worst school reports.
We as pupils will certainly not win this fight alone, we need the same boycott at universities and in companies. We have to quash the future profits, which are already being speculated on today. Our strength as students and pupils is that we still dare. We haven’t given up yet, haven’t been made to conform yet. We will not believe that we are powerless. The pupils’ and students’ strikes hold the potential to break the apathy of society, to infect them with our enthusiasm, to spread our experience into universities and companies.

We can find solidarity among people in similar movements like the feminist strike, the anti-fascist movement and the anti-capitalist grassroots unions – they also work against developments that threaten to destroy our future.

Let’s work together in solidarity, let’s fight for a future worth living,
let’s have two, three, many progressive movements work together!