Update: Corona: labour law, neighbourhood solidarity, other helpful informations

+++ Multilingual Informations you can find by the Refugee Council in Dresden +++

Will be updated continuously, last update: April 2, 1 pm

Contents: 1. labour law & Corona | 2. counselling and services of FAU Dresden during Corona | 3. overview of neighbourhood help in Dresden | 4. overview of help funds for employees & solo self-employed persons | 5. counselling numbers and help centres (including domestic violence)

Labour law and corona, sick out

On the website of the Federal FAU you will find current collections of regulations concerning labour law, law for self-employed persons and much more. At the moment, due to the dynamic situation, some things are still a little unsorted or doubled – this will certainly get better in the next few days. If questions remain unanswered, please feel free to ask us, we will look for an answer and take the questions with us.

From 9 March onwards, the following rule applies for 4 weeks: “Patients with slight diseases of the upper respiratory tract can get a certificate of incapacity to work for a maximum of seven days after consulting their doctor by telephone”. If you have to be in quarantine on a self-employed basis, you will be supported by the Infection Protection Act. Please ask us for details in your situation!

Consulting and services of FAU Dresden during the corona epidemic

We see it as an act of solidarity to prevent contagion and therefore we are cancelling all physical meetings until further notice. However, you can reach us by e-mail, by telephone on 0159 051 89 548 and during our consultation hours by chat or online telephone during our online consultation. For FAU members there will be an online meeting in the evening to fight against isolation.

Neighbourhood assistance in Dresden

If you are looking for help with shopping, walking or other errands, because you belong to the risk group, or if you have other problems or want to help, you can get in touch with us at different places in different parts of the city. If you hear about other initiatives, please let us know by mail. Here is a map of all food donation points (#Gabenzaun)

List by city districts:


  • Drop off and pick up food donations: Hauptbahnhof/ Central Station (rear entrance Lidl)


  • corona-hilfe-friedrichstadt@gmx.de | Mailbox of the “Schatzkiste” Behringstraße 34 | soli_nachbar_01067@gmx.de | 0174-3644493 | Telegram: t.me/corona_01159
  • Drop off and pick up food donations: Koreanischer Platz


  • corona-hilfe-friedrichstadt@gmx.de & faudd [at] fau.org | Telegram: t.me/corona_01159 | 0174-3644493
  • Drop off and pick up food donations:  on the path that leads to Kirschenstraße behind the 138th primary school




  • corona-hilfe-friedrichstadt@gmx.de & faudd [at] fau.org, Telegram: t.me/corona_01159 | 0174-3644493
  • Drop off and pick up food donations: Reisewitzer/Kesselsdorfer Straße

Neustadt & Hecht:

  • 01097.99coronahilfe@gmail.com | Telegram: t.me/corona01097 | Neustadt South: 0157 34 87 69 67 | Hotline Neustadt North: 0157 34 87 69 76 |
  • Drop off and pick up food donations: Königsbrücker/Lößnitzstraße, Luisenstraße at the olayground, Königsbrücker Straße at the post office, Bischofsplatz, Stetzscher Straße 7,  AZ Conni, Görlitzer Straße parking place, Görlitzer/Bautzner Straße


  • corona.soli01127@notraces.net | Telegram: t.me/corona01127| 0170 / 7889809 (10-20 o’clock)
  • Drop off and pick up food donations: Haltepunkt Pieschen, Alexander-Puschkin-Platz




  • wohnlabor26 [at] riseup.net

Counselling numbers and help centres (including domestic violence)

  • Child and youth telephone: 116 111 or 0800 111 0 333
  • Parents’ emergency telephone: 0800 111 0 550
  • Emotional Emergency Helpline: 0800 111 0-111 or -222
  • Help portal sexualised abuse: 0800 22 55 530
  • violence against women: 08000 116 016 or 030 611 03 00
  • RAA Victim Counselling Service for cases of Racism in Dresden 0351 / 850 75 222 (multilingual)
  • Addiction assistance: 01805 313031
  • Ritual violence help line: 0800 30 50 750
  • Hotline child protection Tel.: 030 610066
  • Children’s emergency service: 0 – 13 years Tel.: 030 610061
  • Youth emergency service: 14 – 18 years Tel.: 030 610062
  • Girls emergency service: 12 – 21 years Tel.: 030 610063
  • On-call service for medical assistance: 116 117
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 08731 32573 12
  • Help telephone for violence against women: 0800 0116 016
  • Addiction & drugs hotline: 01805 313 031
  • Senior citizens’ telephone: 0800 47 08 090
  • Help phone for pregnant women in need: 0800 40 40 020
  • Fire and emergency rescue service: 112

The group e*vibes collects and distributes further information.

Support fund for employees, self-employed persons and freelancers

Support fund up to 1000,- of the city of Dresden for freelancers, micro-enterprises, solo self-employed

Overview of further economic aid at Dresden.de

Aid fund for employees and freelancers in the creative industries of “Wir gestalten Dresden” and Overview + communication network for artists and cultural workers.

Overview by German federal states.