Short news: Dismissed trade unionist wins against Flink!

In the case trial against Flink, a dismissed trade unionist was able to assert claims and severance pay worth over 5000€ with the help of FAU. Already last year we had won a lawsuit against the delivery service and also now we suspect that we have not seen each other for the last time in court.

Of course, we prefer the offensive work in the company much more than such lawsuits. Therefore, workers in the delivery service industry, unite, form workers’ groups, organize union protection, educate yourselves, fight and win! Such processes but also organizing cost power and money: If you want to support us, yourself and your colleagues, become a member!

Like quitting, only shittier. FLINK strikes again

It was foreseeable that the termination in which we supported our member Prince in November 2022 would not be the last. Once again, a FAU member is taking FLINK to court.

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 at 1 p.m. we will meet at the labor court in Dresden (Hans-Oster-Straße 4) to support our member Agya and we kindly invite you to join us.

Agya started as a rider at FLINK in 2021. He also knows about the grievances that we already wrote about. You can find his statement here.

After his vacation, Agya came to the union counseling with a letter which at first looked like an excerpt of the terms and conditions or a contract amendment.

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