The Tears of an Employee Imprisoned by the Fear of an Employer

Bob Nelson once said, “Employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his/her manager (employer)”.

An employee always goes through emotional traumas at a workplace where management only places organizational emphasis on making profit at the expense of their employee’s wellbeing – safety, happiness, etc.

I can say without the fear of contradictions that the aforementioned picture is vividly painted on the walls of the Flink Expansion 31 GmbH, Germany. As a rider for Flink for over one and a half years on a part time contract as a student, my safety was nearly overlooked always by management. From poor working gears (especially during the extreme weather conditions such as the snowy winter seasons) through poor communication feedbacks from management when employee sort for clarification/work assistance.

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We would like to draw your attention to a fine little fundraising campaign. At the end of January, the Soli-Truck from Bonn will drive warming things to the Ukraine to people affected by the war, who urgently need them. We support this action and collect donations, which are then invited on the way. Join us and support this!

Many warm things are needed and can be delivered to the Umsonstladen Löbtau (Emil-Überall-Straße 6, 01159 DD) at the following times:

Friday, 13.01.2023, 14-19 hrs.
Monday, 16.01.2023, 15-18 o’clock
Thursday, 19.01.2023, 13-16 o’clock
Sunday, 22.01.2023, 16-19 o’clock

Here is a detailed list of what is needed:
– Generators
– Charging stations
– Very warm sleeping bags (from -10 degrees)
– Well insulated sleeping pads
– blankets
– Thermal underwear
– Thermal socks
– Motorcycle gloves, thermal gloves
– Hot water bottles
– gas stoves
– Thermos flasks (large and small)
– thermos cups
– Powerbanks with high charging capacity
– flashlights
– Candles (new)
– Shopping trolleys

Or donate directly here:

(In the crowdfunding you can also find more information about the campaign)

Like working, only shittier. Lawsuit against delivery service “Flink” after termination without notice

(german translation)

Currently we are in a labor struggle with the delivery service Flink. One of our members recently received a termination without notice, against which we have now filed a lawsuit before the labor court. The dismissal was unlawful, no reasons were given. We are demanding all pay slips that were never handed over to the colleague, as well as the settlement of outstanding vacation entitlements and any outstanding wage payments, and a proper employer’s reference. We are only suing for one case here, but we also want to support all drivers to defend themselves in all ways against the lousy working conditions at Flink.

The company, which was only founded in 2020, is currently the largest third-party delivery service in Europe. The principle: bicycle couriers deliver everyday items directly to consumers – according to the advertising, within 10 minutes. “Like shopping, only easier”. Also in Dresden there have been 4 branches or warehouses of Flink so far, called “Hubs”. We keep hearing about massive violations of workers’ rights. For some, the whole thing reminds them of a similar company, “Gorillas”, which made the headlines because of wildcat strikes of riders due to untenable working conditions. Continue reading “Like working, only shittier. Lawsuit against delivery service “Flink” after termination without notice”

Working at Flink delivery service: Riders’ Experiences

We publish here the words of some Dresden Flink Riders.

It starts with the experiences of our member Prince, with whom we will soon be taking Flink to the labor court:

(Zur deutschen Übersetzung: hier klicken)


I am Prince, a student of hydro science and engineering in Dresden. I would like to share my experience at Flink with you.
When I first joined the company there were no problems and I actually had a good time until at a point the environment started shifting fundamentally. Along with working conditions and regulations changing from day to day it got increasingly difficult to get any direct communication with the responsible people like bosses or regional management. Not only did they suddenly stop giving us enough shifts for us to make a living from it, the amount and the weight of the orders that we had to carry on our backs also exploded. This mistreatment had a bad effect on our motivation.
The transporting of goods to the customer turned out somewhat chaotic: We started to fix the much too heavy bags in front of our bikes in addition to the backpacks and had to ride this way in heavy storm and rain. Sometimes our smartphones got wet, my phone was damaged and I didn’t receive any compensation because I could not prove the cause instantly on the spot.
With the first big wave of firing we got nervous – who would be next if our friends had just been dismissed from one day to another? Our colleagues were not terminated in any proper or respectful way, actually they only realized when they could not log into the system anymore. In general the rapid changes of digital tools, apps and contacts were confusing – often difficult to access payrolls.
One day a particular incident occurred to me when working with Flink: I had supposedly been fired and was taken out of their system without even knowing it. I had to go through a lot of stress and uncertainty not knowing what was going on before they finally sent me a formal termination letter.
After going through this experience with Flink I realized that a lot of foreign riders in delivery companies are dealing with similar situations. In my opinion there should definitely be proper protection, legal support and monitoring of the working conditions in such precarious jobs.

Anonymous quotes from other Riders:

“At the beginning, the work at Flink was actually quite ok, we were allowed to take a lot of leftover food and had a good time together. Then suddenly came the shock: wage payments were not made, the contractually agreed working hours were no longer adhered to and masses of colleagues were dismissed from one day to the next. Since then, the inconsistencies have been piling up.”

“As drivers at Flink, we have become accustomed to the normal madness. With backpacks that are far too heavy, we have to drive out even in constant rain and storms without appropriate work clothes, according to the motto ‘delivery first, work safety second’.”

“I have often seen Flink repeatedly rely on the fact that we do not know our rights. Laws that have to be posted have only been posted in German, responsibilities are often unclear when complaints are made, or the Support ‘answers’ after two weeks with meaningless phrases. Every month I have to recheck my payroll and correct it on my own.”

8M is every day!

That’s why we have a gift for you! Over the past few months, we have continued to do research and to learn, and would now like to offer targeted support as part of our union counseling if you have experienced discrimination, regardless of whether or how you want to take action against it. You are not alone! We take seriously what you have experienced. And we think it’s important, given the overall shit, to build structures that are permanent, can grow and give concrete support in patriarchal everyday life.

Let’s back each other up!

Statement by the International Committee of FAU on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

We, the International Committee of the FAU Federation, condemn in the strongest possible terms the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. We call on all solidary workers in Germany to provide all possible help to those affected in Ukraine as well as to the courageous anti-war demonstrators in Russia and Belarus.

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8 of march: Time for feminist utopias – Completely done with patriarchy!

At the risk of repeating ourselves: Patriarchy is the crisis. Not Corona. The pandemic is just an expression of it, exacerbating the crisis that existed before. And that crisis has always been dumped on our backs – the backs of women, lesbians, inter, trans, non-binary and agender people. Our work is not valued, not seen, it is poorly paid and often enough not paid at all. We are hit hardest when we are poor, when we work in precarious jobs that destroy our bodies and psyches, when we are racially discriminated against, when we are responsible (alone) for children, when we have to care for relatives and friends, when we have to live in violent relationships.

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22.9.: Bicycle rally ‘tour de classe’ in solidarity with struggling seamstresses in Bangladesh

22nd September | 5 pm | ‘Lidl’ at the Neustadt train station | afterwards lecture on climate change and capitalism at the Kreuzkirche

The ally grassroots union Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) in Bangladesh has been fighting for years for better conditions at the textile company Dragon Sweater. In the Corona crisis 6000 workers, mainly union members, were dismissed, thousands are waiting for unpaid wages. The FAU and other grassroots unions already started a month of action, now we continue the actions in Dresden and visit the profiteers Lidl and New Yorker with a bicycle rally. Continue reading “22.9.: Bicycle rally ‘tour de classe’ in solidarity with struggling seamstresses in Bangladesh”

Repression against squatters: Acquittal & next trial date 24.9.

In the trials following the squatting of the empty buildings of the Putzi factory, FAU member Steff was acquitted on September 15. FAU Dresden was present with a rally.

On September 24th at 1 pm the next hearing against the squatter “Zebra” will take place at the district court of Dresden (Roßbachstr. 8). We continue our call for solidarity and donations to help cover the costs of the trial.

It’s worth fighting back! Over 3100,- won in conflict with TagZwei

In the conflict with the TagZwei bakery, after a rally and information campaigns among minijobbers in the Neustadt, we have now moved the owner J. Zscheile to give in. At the conciliation hearing before the III. chamber of the Dresden labor court on Friday he agreed to a settlement in our sense: The dismissed colleague receives 3100,- € severance pay and back pay, the termination without notice was converted into a regular termination, the colleague receives a benevolent job reference.

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