12 Oct.: Trade union informs about false self-employment

Do something about the pressure to be self-employed in the gastro.

12 Oct. | 18:00 | Kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Straße 13 | Dresden-Neustadt

Waiters, selling in the snack stall, delivering parcels, working on the construction site or cleaning. More and more jobs are being filled by colleagues with a trade or business licence. Usually not voluntarily, in many places no job is to be got otherwise at all. We explain why this practice not only restricts our health and safety at work, our wages and our labour rights, but also why we may even make ourselves liable to prosecution and how we can get into regular employment. The event consists of an input from our food and catering section, then we open the space for concrete examples/your cases and discuss strategies to defend yourself as an employee. There will also be a bring along buffet for the stomach. So that everyone can speak freely, bosses are not welcome, we make use of the house rules.

This event will be mostly in german, but live translation is possible.