How do we operate?

Excerpt from our constitution:

The organizational region of Dresden General Syndicate (Allgemeines Syndikat Dresden, ASD) includes all branches in the city of Dresden. It also includes surrounding municipalities as soon as workers from these regions want to get involved in ASD and region has no similar unions.

FAU strives for a libertarian, classless society in which everybody can live according to their needs and use their skills as they want. It is the aim of ASD to prepare the needed basics in Dresden and surrounding municipalities.

Everybody who is directly or indirectly dependent on wage (worker, employee, public official, unemployed, student, etc.) or self-employed can become a member. In other words: everybody who doesn’t secure their economic existence by the exploitation of other people.

Employers and chief executives – this means, anybody who can decide on hiring or dismissing workers – as well as members of armed state organiziations cannot become members of ASD.

People who question the universal and unimpeachable dignity of every human being cannot become members. This also applies to people who try to circumvent this by redefining the word “human” or who see violations of this principle appropriate in commision to a “greater duty”. Who wants to apply this unimpeachable dignity to other living beings is even more welcome to ASD.

Every member is eligible and encouraged to enliven the ASD by participating at General and other meetings. Every member is eligible to vote at the General Meeting. Guests are allowed to attend a General Meeting but they can’t vote.

The full constitution can be found here. Unfortunately we haven’t translated it yet.

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